1.  leave an encouraging note for someone to find.

2.  compliment 5 people today.

3.  give a powerful hug (for 10 sec.) to a family member or loved one.

4.  write a letter to your best friend, explaining how much you love them.

5.  stare in the mirror for 3 minutes and notice your favorite features about yourself.

6.  hold your own hand when you go to sleep.

7.  sing your favorite song in public.  if you can't sing, hum it.

8.  leave an anonymous note in a neighbors mailbox that shares your favorite food recipe.

9.  sit in silence and think about the last time you selflessly/generously helped someone out . . .
     now reenact that same gesture with someone new.

10.  spend time with yourself.  go to the movies or a restaurant alone.

11.  have a nice conversation with 2 strangers today.

12.  put on some music and dance in your room until you break a sweat.

13.  contact someone from your past that you were on bad terms with, and tell them you're

14.  if you ever need inspiration, call this number: 1 - 415 - 546 - 3742
      (don't worry, its free and automated. all you have to do is just listen :-)

15.  the next time someone makes you mad, think about how ridiculous it is and laugh about it.

16.  on a piece of paper, draw a cartoon version of yourself.  on one side of you, make a list
       of your best qualities, and on the other side, make a list of things you can improve on.

17.  look at pictures of the universe to remind yourself how small you are.

18.  buy someone else a cup of coffee at a cafe'.

19.  cook yourself a homemade meal and eat it as slow as possible.  enjoy it.  don't rush.

20.  take more naps.  rest well.

thanks for participating!
i hope you feel better.  if you don't, maybe you should try doing another one.

below, anonymously share anything: a comment, complaint, suggestion, story, your favourite exercise number, a random fact about yourself, where you're from, or even if this was a waste of your time.